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About us

Backed by specialists in Thermal Analytical Technologies, particulary Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) and Dielectric Thermal Analysis (DETA).

The identiPol has been developed by Lacerta Technology UK; specialists in Thermal Analytical Technologies.

Lacerta Technology, established in 2003, offer extensive experience in the design of thermal analysis instrumentation. The company have designed heating and cooling systems that are fitted to several analytical instrumentation and are amongst the most efficient globally. Lacerta have also developed Dynamic Mechanical Analysers (DMA), that are now sold world-wide by leading Thermal Analysis companies.

Lacerta's knowledge and experience with polymers and their properties lead them to develop the identiPol. The vision of the identiPol was to offer a simple to use and affordable quality assurance instrument that identifies and assesses the quality of mouldable thermoplastics. The instrument is small and compact but measures the same physical parameters as the research and development (DMA and DSC) from which its technology is derived.

In 2018 Lacerta Technology partnered with Fire Testing Technology Limited UK (FTT) to distribute and market the identiPol. FTT are the global leaders in the reaction to fire testing instrumentation industry. Founded in 1989, they are now the world's leading suppliers of Cone Calorimeters, NBS Smoke Chambers and Oxygen Indexes.

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