The Polymer Training and Innovation Centre (PTIC)

The Polymer Training and Innovation Centre (PTIC), part of the City of Wolverhampton College, was established in 2010 as part of the asset purchase of the former Polymer Industries Industry Training Board. The centre has now added an identiPol system to their facility to bring students up to date with the latest plastic testing and conformance technology.

As polymer training, education and expertise, it is important to them to keep abreast of the latest manufacturing and testing technologies. The centre boasts an impressive range of manufacturing and processing equipment, together with the typical testing (melt flow, mechanical, impact testing) techniques found in the factory.

Since opening, thousands of students - both local and international - have passed through the centre to study the production and manufacture of plastic materials.

Darren Vater-Hutchison is a Technical Trainer at PTIC and has extensive experience in training students both at the college and at customer sites both in the UK and overseas.

From taking a new tool, machine selection and the setting up of the processing parameters, through to the evaluation of the final product. In fact there is very little that we don't cover in training a process engineer to understand all aspects of plastic manufacturing and production" states Vater- Hutchison. "Although we have the typical testing equipment that cover the mechanical known good material before it goes into the production line. As well as comparing different grades from manufacturers for equivalence.

"We think in the design of the identiPol they have got it just right" concludes Vater- Hutchison, "it's not too technical for a new student to pick up and get to grips with during our short courses and apprenticeships. The software is pretty simple and guides them through everything, so there's no doubt in my mind that it can easily be used on the shop floor and is perfect for ensuring the quality of the manufacturing process"

More information about the courses offered by PTIC can be found on their website here: www.wolvcoll.ac.uk/polymer and for more details about the identiPol system from Lacerta Technology please visit here: www.identipol.com
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